amongst the myths

The project “Amongst the Myths” is related to the concept of Joseph Campbell, Mircea Eliade‘a and Jungian analysis of mythology and religion, showing the myths and their relationships with the human psyche.

In my opinion myths are psychological signs, which allow you to find yourself in a maze of complexity, which makes the modern world.

In my photographs I knowingly waives any artefacts that suggest clear affiliation to the myths of one culture. I think it allows universality of communication of my photos. Of course, I create images in a given time and space but my visual work is based on universal, always current topics giving them new forms of expression and opening new ways of interpretation.

I am trying to lead the viewer into extraordinary world, in the strange world of mystery … and to carry him through the maze archetypes construct our psyche.

In various cultures, separated by time and space appear the same images both in art and literature.

With my photographs I present quotations from world literature, showing how these same themes are interwoven in Greek mythology and Christian mythology.

Myths are placed outside the linear concept of time and not subject to the laws of logic but they answer existential questions and explain the phenomena of death, the division of gender, etc.

These works are also my personal quest how to deciphering the enigmatic language of reality.

These motifs are repeated in almost all mythologies of the world, causing a strong, intense survival. I try to provoke the viewer to discover the emotional value of archetype. I think that the archetypes are equipped with specific energies. Experience of archetype is strong and leaves a footprint in our psyche.

My inspirations:

Greek and Christian mythology

Plato “Symposium”

Homer “Odyssey”

Ovid “Metamorphoses”

Milton “Paradise Lost”

Christopher Marlowe “Doctor Faustus”


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